My name is Smriti Garga and I can fluently speak 4 languages. Since I am born in France with Indian parents who wanted to make sure I have an international life, I was brought up with 3 languages (French, Hindi and English). In 2016, I decided to move to Italy for a work opportunity even though I could not speak a word of Italian.

In this article, I will share with you my experience of moving to Italy without speaking Italian, how this impacted my life and the ones around me, and finally, how I adopted these learnings to conduct…

Since the arrival of the tech companies and their focus on software development, traditional companies in telco or insurance sectors finally have a sort of model to look up to and learn from. However, they never do.

Have you ever heard a grandfather say ‘I’m so glad I can learn so much from my grandson?’: probably not. Well, the ones who do are certainly the ones who will live a longer and happier life. The same goes for companies who are in existence for more than 15 yrs.

I have been working in the telecommunications industry for a little over…

You may or may not own an Alexa in your home. You probably use Siri to set timers on your phone. Your latest interaction with any brand might have been automated at first. What you may never think about is the levels of tech maturity of Conversational UI.

It seems that many brands are introducing automated agents to support their users in various steps of the customer journey (awareness, purchase, service…) and this article brings some clarity on the different levels of maturity on three main pillars: Interaction, Integration and Intelligence.

Conversational UI Tech Maturity Model by Smriti Garga
  1. Interaction
  • Customer Experience how immersive is the experience?
  • Language

Smriti Garga

Product Manager with an user-centric mentality. Love to challenge the status quo and leverage the power of new technologies.

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